Who is Kiko?

Dear Friends,

For you to better know WHO IS KIKO? I decided to ask some friends and acquaintances.

This is going to be a good gauge for me as well.

Its my way of finding out how people around me SEES me as compared to HOW I WANTED to be SEEN.

Please read on.

Kiko Javier



“Coach kiko is a man with a vision and has a tenacity to achieve greater heights no matter what the obstacles maybe.”

DR. PAOLO DOMINGO – Businessman



“I’ve known this man since 2010. I can say that he’s got no wealth other than his family that time and his hunger for success that time was pushing him too much to work very hard that kept him inviting me to join his offline opportunity. He didn’t fail to convince me, I joined him. We worked hard, but that time, we failed so I got the impression not to work with this man anymore. Not until one day I saw him succeeding ONLINE, it was a new thing for me so I asked him and work with him for the 2nd time around. This time I learned a lot of new and significant things and thoughts from him that he wasn’t able to share with me in the past, they were more than just from earn money. He taught me what life is all about and he also made me know more about our living God which is a very significant factor of becoming a successful person. When we’re struck by the super typhoon Yolanda, he was there to help us get back up, he inspired us, he encouraged us to be strong, to not give up, I was filled with words of wisdom from him. This time my life have gone through a little turn around, I was able to earn more than I was expecting! I was able to save for my family, I even got my first car, I’m living a happy life now with my family. Those may have not happened if not because of this man. So, I’m really really grateful that I was able to know and work with you, coach Kiko! Thanks much!”




“Thanks God for sending you to my life, my life now is unthinkable without your advises and guidance. God made you an instrument to transform me and how to live a positive and a Christ-centered life. You inspired me to read the bible that in my 30 years of existence I never finished even 1 chapter and now I learned to read the whole book with excitement and make it a habit to read it every morning though you encourage me to read and meditate it day and night…very soon will start my nightly devotion. 

Coach, as our first encounter I called it an accident but you told me it’s a God’s plan for both of us, though I reiterate that it’s an accident until 1 day you explained to me how God will work and it’s beyond on our imagination especially when we Him the most. I accept that during those times, we’re in trouble financially and spiritually, no need to say how we face it emotionally. We’ve reached to the point of it is better to become a prisoner coz it’s FREE! In short we’re hopeless, we need adviser and we started to blame God on what’s happening to our lives. We started to questioned Him Why? Are we bad? Confusion ruled over our mind, until we decided to seek leaders to coach us. We’re so down at that time, my contract was ended and we had our 1 year old baby. To cut the story short… expenses is always present and we don’t have enough to deal with it.
When Coach Kiko came to our life, we started to share our problem with him, how heavy it is and he responded us with a smile sabay sabing “malalampasan nyo yan bro, coz God is bigger than any problem” and the couple narrated their story and how God works in their lives. At first it’s loading… on our side but no time to disagree with them, since we saw already the result. They kept on reminding us and telling to surrender everything to God. Sometimes I told to myself, until when? We already follow and obey God. But now I understand, happy and excited that those are the part of the process. God gave us test and trials for us to know Him and appreciate Him more.
Coach, parang hindi ako maubusan ng mga salita to describe you and how you bring an impact to my life especially on the spiritual area. How blessed I am and happy that I met the real person who I can lean on, ready to listen even on my dumbest times… though those were the days and everyday is a learning day. Thank you so much for inspiring and teaching us…together we can make things happen hehe. May God continue to bless you, more years to come para marami pa rin kayong ma reach out na naghahanap din ng guidance tulad sa akin before. “

ELMER DIOLA – Online Businessman


10945510_10204894368537946_5754848479682023906_nFrancis “Kiko” Javier is both a great mentor and friend.

I have personally known him since he was just starting in the online industry and have seen him rise from where he was to where he want to be.

He did have encountered a lot of challenges in his journey towards success and I am a living witness to some of his struggles.

Bro Kiko, as I call him, is a concrete example of how the law of attraction combine with a strong faith in our Almighty God works in each of our lives.

I have learned a lot from him and we can all continue to learn wonderful things from his teachings. He will always be one of my inspirations in this game called “life” and in living it to the fullest.

Roy Canete

Online Entrepreneur and Success Mentor

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