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This was my blog last December 2011…before EVERYTHING ELSE TURNED AROUND! Be Inspired!

LIFE 101: DEEP FOUNDATION, My 2011, the year to remember!

2011 I could say is one of the BEST YEAR for me.  I can never ever forget all the hard earned LESSONS I learned in this very meaningful year.  At the start of the year, like everybody would do, I asked God to bless me with a very successful year.  My FAITH was so STRONG, and as backed up by one whole CHURCH where I belong, 2011 will be the YEAR of God’s FAVOR!  I worked as hard as I could and released my faith on my goals.

As the initial months go by, my networking business got a bit tougher and tougher.  The network company I have been working on with, which I was pioneering, seemed went to a direction I never want it to go.  DOWN.  My income STRUGGLED big time. Thank God, another opportunity came.  I pioneered another very promising company and everything seems well on the first 3-4 months then just about after we launched it, challenges came in, from the operations side to the system which I personally has no control of.  Of course you know what happened…it slowed down BIG TIME.  Company needed to fix all the bugs in the system so they have to make a long and silent pause.  How about the bills? the house rent? the food on the table? the tuition fees? can they wait? can they accept my reason? You know the answer I am sure.

This is the time when, I just felt wow!  This is it…the YEAR OF GOD’S FAVOR!  Abundance! Success! Prosperity! and literally,  I would go home and eat rice and soy sauce…not one day..but lots of days.  Seeing the family experience the same…it just crushed my heart.  The PROVIDER not being able to PROVIDE, is like a CELLPHONE not being able to call or text.  What would you do with that phone?

Praise God!  another way out, God blessed me with a buy and sell business.  I bumped into an electronic gadget from China that I can distribute here in Cebu.  True enough, It was good!  Enough for me to pay  (some) debts I incurred during the struggling months.  A few more money left to buy a decent food ONCE IN A WHILE.  Business was continuous day in day out.  Month after month.  Started dreaming again…dreaming that this business will make it BIG.  Then one day, competition came in.  The bigger names got into the same product I have. Boom! sales went down like crazy in just a few days.  I had ordered a good number of stocks projecting its growth.  I struggled to sell it.  Every sale went directly to the bills, payables, daily expenses.  In short, I have to put it in sale and consume every money I have including the revolving capital.

The year was like a roller coaster ride!  we forgot about the old lifestyle we had.  We would go to the malls very, very rarely. We have not bought anything new.  Any appliance or equipments we have, if it gets broken, we have no money to have it repaired.  Everything was just changed.  I can go on and on and on telling you the details and probably you wont believe me.  WE HAVE LEARNED TO VALUE EVERY LITTLE THING and the SMALLEST DETAILS OF GOD’S BLESSINGS.  I have to say this specific lesson, coz I am heavily burdened to see SOME PEOPLE leaving food on their tables.  We NEVER had any left overs, ever since.  We learned to value even the last piece of rice.  If you see how we learned to eat the meat out of the bones, you’ll feel sorry for the dogs and cats.  ITS ALL CLEAN.  Why?  because we have learned how to have none.  We learned the value of .25 cents.  We learned the value of the last pair of shoes.  We learned the value of that last pair of torn jeans.  This valuable lesson is so expensive!  We have shied away from UNNECESSARY expenses.  Very rarely went to the mall, cinema, party night outs, outings, bought anything other than the BASICS.

But with all these UNBELIEVABLE events, I have to tell you this.  WE WERE JOYFUL!  and that made the extreme difference.  It totally convinced me that God is with us all throughout the ride!  Yes He did say that THIS YEAR is his Favor!  Everything we experienced, He showed favor upon favor.  All bills were paid, tuition fees are paid, house rent paid, we still have food on the table.  He never failed to provide the basics.

As I write this blog, I still have the bills all lined up.  We never had anything to eat this Christmas eve.  He provided the food thru our neighbors. Never even bought any gift to give to anyone.  We also learned BIG TIME the TRUE meaning of REAL CHRISTMAS.  Wow!  This year is a full COURSE!

He gave me another WONDERFUL ONLINE BUSINESS that is SOOOOOO PROMISING.  The BIG TIME PROGRAM was supposed to be launched Nov 28.  Just in time for Christmas and New Year.  Guess what?  IT GOT DELAYED. 🙂

But thru all this,  as I approach the END OF THE YEAR.  The YEAR that I released my FAITH that it is the YEAR of GOD’S FAVOR, this is the WISDOM that God want me to share to you…

When I prayed for the BEST YEAR EVER for 2011, He answered YES!  and He started the work on me.  He needed to make sure that the BLESSING will be APPRECIATED to the last drop.  HE WANTED TO MAKE SURE that the BLESSING will make me a better person.  So what He did, is to break me.  So the foundation will be very deep.  Just like a big establishment to be constructed, before even it is raised up, the deep foundation should be established.  The deeper the foundation, the stronger the ESTABLISHMENT. You don’t see anything rising up on the initial development, on the contrary, you see work going deeper and deeper.  You just see dirt, mud and nothing so pleasing.    

As I enter 2012, I CAN NEVER FORGET this VERY EXPENSIVE LESSON from God.  This is the time of my life when I FELT SO CLOSE to Him.  All the strength, smiles, joy and reason for living all came from Him during this CHALLENGING times.

As I end, I would like to share one bible verse that I held on, that always put a smile in my heart all througout this challenging 2011…

“Always be joyful.  Never stop praying.  Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”   1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


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