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Dwelling on the Negative Side

This morning I decided to experiment with myself.

Being a very positive and optimistic person, negative thoughts and negative words are a no-no for me.

For the purpose of understanding what is on the other side, I allowed all the negative thoughts, words, situations, limitations, weaknesses to dwell in my thoughts.  I did entertained them the same way I have observed some people are in the habit of doing so.

Started thinking negative about things that is happening in my life.  I started accepting the lack and the limitations.

Amazing how my body felt so heavy.  I felt so discouraged and a drag.  Every positive word which I use to declare seems gone.  I felt it!  I really felt the heaviness and the hopelessness.  I was just too  feeling, heavy and sleepy.  After lunch, went up to our rooftop and felt like I do not want to move.  I do not want to do anything else except accept that I am a failure.  A defeat.

I took a nap and truly felt it was the heaviest sleep I had.  It is the kind of sleep that you do not want to wake up. You know your awake but you do not want to move.  Why move? Why open your eyes? When all you think is defeat, failure, negative thoughts, hopelessness.

Started questioning God. Why? Why bring me here then leave me?

The lingering continued.  It was probably one of the longest afternoon that I stayed in the rooftop accomplishing nothing.  Except bringing myself deeper and deeper to the trap of defeat.

It was not a very good experience.  As a matter of fact, I lost all hope and faith.  

The next challenge I encountered is returning to the other side.  The side where I belong.  the positive, optimistic, faith-filled side.

To be honest, as I write, I am still dazed. I am not yet back.  The negative feeling is a nightmare.

Now I fully understand.

I understand why some people choose to end their lives.

I understand why some people decides to just sleep the whole day on their problems and waking up is a curse.

I understand why some people, how much you try to share faith building stories, faith-filled words and encouragement, seems to stay down after a few hours has passed.

Can I blame them?  Isn’t it in the bible “Doubting Thomas” was part of the team?  The disciple who said, I have to see his wounds and put my fingers in before I would believe (TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE).

I think there will always be that type of personality to keep everything balanced.

How can we appreciate faith if nobody is experiencing fear?

How can we appreciate optimism if there will be no pessimists?

The mystery of life continues for me.

As I write this blog my heart is still heavy from the bombardment of negativity I received earlier.

Recovery is not a walk in the park.  Now the more I understood this quote that I usually hear from the successful people who went ahead of us :

“a person with a negative mind cannot experience a positive life.”

I can now say, YES..that is correct.  When we dwell on the negative, we shut down every light around us.  Making our vision darker, more frightening and hopeless.  Then we cry out to God, WHY LORD…WHY???

The truth is, GOD gave us the power to choose what to think and what to digest in our thoughts.  It is not His fault that we decided to listen to the lies of the enemy.  We decided to continue to savour the weakness of the situation rather than His strength as our God.

Then we ask Him Why?

I hope and I pray now that we continue to fight to look at Him in the eyes. Jesus. The author and perfecter of faith.

Yes faith.  Its a 5 letter word that seems so scary for the “negative thinkers” but a fragrant sound to the “positive” ones.

FAITH IS BELIEVING that God will do what He said He will do.  BELIEVING without SEEING PROOF.

That is Faith.  It is truly what each believer needs to LIVE THIS LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

“And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.” Hebrews 11:6

Problems, challenges, pain, frustration, hurts, lack, will always be around.  On the other side, solutions, strength, happiness, joy, clarity, wisdom and abundance is also present in the same measure.

The decision will always be ours.  WHICH SIDE WOULD YOU CHOOSE?

Choose the negative and sleep all day, hoping that life will end and become very unproductive.

Choose the positive and have that smile in your face, that joyful aura and productivity flows in from different directions.


Me?  I CHOOSE FAITH. How about you?

As I end this blog…I am hoping my heart goes back 100% completely to the bright side. 🙂

May God bless you and please share this blog to your loved ones.

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Ask Kiko

Ask Kiko : Ang “The Secret ba or Law of Attraction” nag wo-work?

I just want to share ano ba ang insight ko dito sa “THE SECRET”..does it really work?

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Walang Nasasayang…lahat may dahilan.

Sa 43 years ko sa mundo, when i learned about this principle…doon lang dumali ang pag harap ko sa buhay. I want to share sa inyo. Please like and share din para marami pa ang makaalam. Salamat! – Kiko

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Isa sa mga napakahalagang principle na natutunan ko as i journey towards this path of success is this SCARY WORD. Please watch and share to all FAILURES TOO!

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NETWORKING 101 : FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT! (Dayain mo hanggang makamit mo)

If you are a Network Marketer? Or anyone in business? Or even personal life…You might want to watch this “personal” principle i really believe in. Please watch and share. Thanks!


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Dying To Self is not just a one time event…

On the day we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord, Master and Redeemer, we needed to die from our old self and accepted our new life thru Him.

But in reality, to live successfully in Christ means to die every single day, hour and even every second of our every day life.

It is true that the blood of Jesus our Lord covers us but the enemy is so wise that he will always resurrect our old self in any given opportune time. The prideful self, the greedy self, the “what do you think about me” self, all our old ways will always be tried to be resurrected. If we fail to notice and take charge, we find ourselves prideful, trying to get even, selfish and hurt.

In my 16 years as a follower if Christ, I must admit, I am still failing to take notice when my old self gets resurrected. I just realize he is alive when hurting situations happens and my reaction was not of the dead to self-alive in Christ being but the “me, myself and I” Kiko Javier i have long known. I easily demand my worth (which I no longer have),

On this situations I notice I demand justice (which only God can), I demand equality (which I already have).

In short, we feel pain and frustration when we are wearing our old self mask rather than the new image God has given us.

My realization in this is to continue seeking God and asking Him to help me die to self on a per second basis. I know I can do this thru Him. This is His Kingdom anyway and I am just an empowered citizen.

So if you are starting to feel “its unfair-what about me?” syndrome… It can be a good indication that we are back on our old self again. The life that our Lord Jesus gave is already complete and excellent, we should never in any way feel anything “unfair” in this temporary shelter.

The grace of God is already enough and sufficient. As a matter of fact, overflowing in nature.

Lets continue to remind one another, fellow citizens of the Kingdom of God, when we sense or feel any hint that we are wearing the old, stinky jacket again.

My prayer today is “Lord….help us to die again…and everyday…every hour, every second of our breathing life until you come back. We need to so we could continue to bring glory to your name and make more disciples for your kingdom. In Jesus name!

Everybody say…AMEN!

Please share so more followers will be reminded…thanks!

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I am in PAIN…(must watch)

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This is a must watch video. Everything that is happening to our lives now has a relation to the things we have done in the past…pls watch!

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