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Who ever has promised you that you can be successful in a risk free 1-2-3 easy steps is lying. What ever happened to the stories of the most successful people like Michael Jordan, The Beatles, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison? I can name hundreds of names in this list and NO ONE OF THEM WILL TELL US THAT IT WAS Easy as Step 1, 2, and 3!

They are the ones who struggled and was strangled by failures upon failures and look at them now? They became the names of their chosen field.

Then someone you just met on the road or online entices you to partner with him coz he found the risk free 1-2-3 system that will make you a millionaire in 1 week or so! Whowhwow!

“Real Success” is a state of being, not what you have in your bank account or the cars in your garage or the houses we built.

So if we are dreaming to be successful, its a process we have to go thru to reach the STATE of completion. The process is not done in a few days or months or even years. If we refer to the lives of the most successful people on earth, they have given their whole life time for it. So if we are wondering why after 3 months or so doing our business, we are not successful yet then there might be something wrong with how we define success.

I have seen a lot of people who forced success ending with nothing but frustration and pain. There are some who became instant millionaires and people around them taught they became successful because of the fat money they earned only to find out that the person’s life got worse and ended bankrupt, in debt and broken relationships.

The instant millionaire even wished “the nightmare” of becoming rich too soon did not came. One very moving statement I heard once from a LOTTO MILLIONAIRE is this “the worst thing that ever happened to my life is winning the lotto”. Whaaaattttt??? Its a solid, big time, conflicting statement for me coz every-time I pass by our local lotto stations I see hopeful, faithful, lotto millionaires-wannabes spending precious money for the luck that lotto will save their lives! This lotto millionaire by the way lost everything he had including her wife and family due to gambling ang drug dependency. A situation that might not have happened if only he was not able to WIN THE LOTTO.

I do not want to sound negative to you but I wanted you to understand what is this success that all of us have been wanting to have.

Now I have a good news, I will give you my own steps 1-2-3. These are not easy steps but this are all proven and so WORTH IT.


In the Bible (which I called the MANUAL OF LIFE), God gave us this instruction in Deutoronomy 8:18

“Remember the LORD your God. He is the one who gives you power to be successful, in order to fulfill the covenant he confirmed to your ancestors with an oath.”

It is very clear, clearer than the bright sun, it is GOD WHO GIVES US THE ABILITY, THE POWER, TO BE SUCCESSFUL. If that is the case then it is so COMMON SENSE that if there is one thing we need to do if we decide that we wanted to be successful…IS TO GO AND GET CLOSE TO THE SOURCE! Makes sense? so your next question might be How? Where do I go? How do i connect to Him? I suggest you look for a local church which focuses on Honouring God and following the bible. Make sure you come to the right church who will be committed to direct you in your step 1 – connect to the source.


Once your connected to God, the source, you will begin to understand that indeed we were created for a purpose and that is His purpose not ours! Then we will understand that making money, creating wealth, is not really the purpose of our life. Our purpose is to fear God and obey His commands. Being rich and wealthy, if its in accordance to His purpose will be given generously! Focus on God’s purpose and He will supply us with everything we need and want! I have learned to realise this just recently. The times I am so focused on earning the millions and running after my personal ambitions, are the times it seems THE DREAM LIFE is just too slippery to catch. When I focused on God and His purpose for my life, I was just too surprised that the things, relationships and life I have been running after was PROVIDED without the STRESS and TROUBLES!


As written in the book of Matthew 5:16

In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.

Just like what I am doing now, once you get there, you too will understand that God is doing so much unexplainable things in our lives coz He wanted us to be His testimony for the next generations to come! I won’t be surprised that years from now I will be reading your own blog as well testifying how God had made you successful as well! You do not have to wait for the millions to come to do this. You can actually start now with the little miracles you experience everyday as you connect to Him. Big or little, it does not matter to Him. What matters to Him is we are living a life of testimony that indeed, HE EXISTS and HE IS FAITHFUL.

I hope you were able to pick up the idea in this blog.

There is no such thing as a “walk in the park” overnight success. It will take lots of pain, sacrifices and time for it to truly come in our lives. The 3 steps i shared are proven by myself and the others who got their share as well. That is why i am writing this so you can read too.

All honour and glory to our almighty God and Lord Jesus Christ for all the massive success He is providing us!

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Coach Kiko
A businessman, network marketer, online marketer, mentor and inspirational online trainer. My advocacy on "untraditional" entrepreneurship and online marketing passion resulted to creating more than thousands of successful internet entrepreneurs and millionaires at this present time.


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