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“HOW DOES GOD ANSWER US?” A Conversation with an 8 year old boy

On our way to Aaron’s school, on a very ordinary day, I was telling him to KEEP PRAYING.  Pray as often as he wanted to, and was telling him that God is happy when we talk to him in prayers.  Then he threw one question to me that made me write this blog to share to everyone this very important wisdom.


The question left me with a pause. Uhmmm…then the answer flowed out spontaneously…and this is it.

God replies thru our THOUGHTS.  Not in our ears…its going to be scary when someone whispers in your ears though you are not beside someone. But if it happens, you hear a voice whisper in your ears without anyone beside you…be scared!  Definitely its not God! 🙂

Since He can only reply thru our thoughts…IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that we have DOWNLOADED  His WORDS in the memory bank of our brains. (I have to speak to him in words that he will easily understand.  Aaron is 8 YRS OLD, a techy boy and loves games and computers).  That is the only way we are sure that indeed it is Him we are talking to.  That is precisely why the BIBLE was called WORDS OF GOD because these are the very words He is saying. Since we pray to Him in our thoughts, He replies thru our thoughts as well.

So if we read the Bible, His words are downloaded and stored in our memory just like downloading files in the computer.  The more you read it, the more files you save inside. Once it is stored, HE TALKS TO US SO CLEARLY AS IF HE is just besides us.

Wow honestly, I myself was surprised and had that Aha! moments…that is why it is so important to read the bible coz it is the same words that we hear, and the only words we should hear when we talk to him on the spot!

I gave this story to Aaron,  for example son, your classmate dropped his money under his chair, you saw it then you asked God in prayer, “God will i tell him that he dropped his money and return it to him?” then your thought replied “Aaron, no need!, that money is my gift to you coz i love you.  Your classmate does not need that money anyway coz he is a rich kid.”  Then you will say, “Wow God! Thank you so much! You are so kind!

So Aaron, what do you think, is that God you are talking to in your thoughts? If He is God, then why is he telling you to do a wrong thing? Comparing it to what you have read in the bible, it is a sin to steal things that does not belong to you.  So if that thought is not from God…WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO???

That is exactly the point of this blog.  We cannot trust our thoughts if we do not know God that much, what He says and His nature.  That drives me to my point how important that we read and download His words very regularly because He can communicate to us thru His words only.  His replies in our thoughts will always be and should always be  CONSISTENT to His words.  That is how you confirm that indeed He is the one you are talking to.  If its going against his words, surely you are chatting with the GREAT DECEIVER!

Aaron was so excited to know this fact. He immediately set a bible study time for himself. He said he will cut down his playtime so he can read the bible longer and regularly. WOW!

I am just amazed how an 8 year old boy will have this kind of a craving to hear and talk to God!

Turning the spotlights to us, ADULTS…

Let us learn from this kids.  They know that if we do not download the game files in the memory of our gadgets, the game will not function properly.  The game operation is very dependent on the game files.  If you persist on playing the game without the files…you get this notice :


It is exactly parallel to how we should treat the WORDS of GOD.  If we want to talk to Him AUDIBLY, CLEARLY and SPONTANEOUSLY…common sense will tell us to DOWNLOAD His WORDS in our own personal memory bank so the communication will be fluid, clear and not choppy each time we decide to talk to him.

The lesson here is this “GOD COMMUNICATES TO US THRU HIS WORDS EMBEDDED IN OUR THOUGHTS”.  If the files are not downloaded and saved…SOMEBODY ELSE WILL UPLOAD HIS DECEIVING FILES…and you know who he is.  THE PRINCE OF LIES.

Let me leave you with this…

“All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17


Meet my son Aaron…


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