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Yesterday morning when I went up our roof top I saw this beautiful butterfly resting in one of our circular window glass panes.

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It was so beautiful that me and my daughter even had our “photography shots” with the butterfly.

Every once in a while, I would notice that it will fly and just continuously bump into the glass pane of the window.

I was not really thinking anything about it until I realized it was trying to go to the other side where you could see the trees and the flowers and greens.


I stayed almost the whole day in our roof deck working on something and I have seen the butterfly flying and bumping itself to the glass panel but of course it could not push thru.

Then it would rest again and try again every so often.

When I finally went down, passing by at its back I can visually see that the butterfly is tired.

Late in the afternoon, I went down and called it a day.

Early this morning when I went up again, the poor butterfly is dead.



Now, why am I sharing this?  Is this all about the butterfly dying?

Nope we can actually learn a very good lesson from here.  Another lesson that nature (God) teaches us from His own creations.

Most of the time, we are like these butterfly.

Let me illustrate clearly from this event what are the similarities.


1.  We have goals. – This butterfly clearly has a goal too, he wanted to go to the other side of the window where it is seeing the greens, the flowers or maybe his habitat.  He wants to go home.  He was trapped.

2.  We work hard. – We have heard that with HARD WORK comes prosperity.  Yes that could be right but its not limited to hardwork alone.  HARDWORK without the right direction is as dangerous as what this butterfly experienced.  He was working hard to hit the solid glass pane, over and over and over again.  At first I thought it was just flying and playing until I realized it was trying to get out.  It did everything it could do to get thru the solid glass.  His vision is so clear, the goal is upfront, its inviting. So inviting.  He did everything with all its might to hit the glass probably a hundred times or more.

Just like us, probably we have been working so hard on something from one failure to another.  It was said that quitters never win. So we decided not to quit. From one knockdown to another.  One crash to another. Never surrender is our battle cry!  Nothing wrong with that right? But we also have to consider that there might be other options to get to the goal.  I am not saying to quit on the goal, JUST FIND ANOTHER WAY.  That is one thing this poor butterfly failed to see.  He failed to look to its left.  Twelve inches to its left is open for it to freely fly out and go to the destination.

3. We fail to ask. – Sometime in our passionate pursuit to reach our goal, we are just too focused on hitting and hitting the glass that we failed to  pause and ask around.  This is exactly what the butterfly failed to do (well of course it can’t).  If only it did paused and looked around, it might have seen me watching him 2 meters away and could have asked me “HOW DO I GET OUT OF HERE?” then of course, I will gladly tell him…go to your left…just 12 inches to your left and your free to fly towards your goal!  I never did coz he never asked (just talking figurtatively here ok? :)) and i was actually observing the butterfly and checking how clever it could be.

In our life, God placed people all around us.  Most of the time we do not even notice them. Either by chance or by choice. People around us are placed by God for us to humbly ask.  They see things that we do not see.  You have to believe me on this.

Try this as an activity to prove my point.  Without the use of a mirror, try looking at the back of your head. Can you see it? Not in a lifetime.  Only the people behind us can see it.

This is a perfect example, that i hope you would agree, that we cannot see everything.  God placed people in our lives for us to ask them, what they see.  Surely they will tell us IF WE ASK.

But be ready in what they are going to say.  Do not be offended or be surprised.  We call it the “blind spot”.  It might feel bad or uncomfortable at first, or sometimes we might be in denial, but believe me, what they see is different from what we see so be ready to accept it.


Hurtful, devastating experiences or even death, can be prevented If only “WE LEARN TO BE HUMBLE and ASK SOMEBODY else for help.”  From this very simple illustration, I have seen how NOT ASKING can ruin a life.

Few days ago, I just had a coaching session with my spiritual family Pastor, Pastor Zab, and I told him how I value what he is doing to me.  Giving me feedbacks, advise and directions.  I never entertained even one thought to question what he is telling me.  I just take it, ponder on it., process it.

I believe that he sees something that i do not see.  That is the value of having a “real friend” in our life.  They may sometimes hurt you because they say things that go against what you think and feel but believe me, that is true friendship.

When they do not hold back and tell you what will hurt you.  Those are your true friends.

Let me share a scripture from the book of life to seal this wisdom we just received :

“Fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to others.”  Proverbs 12:15

This wisdom from the book of proverbs is so self explanatory.

Go friends…find a true friend, find a coach, find a mentor who will sincerely tell you what they see without holding back.  It can spare you a great deal of time and probably suffering.

God bless you and have a great life ahead!

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