EXODUS 101 : How do we establish “value” and “identity” ONLINE?

Now that we have DECIDED to explore the ONLINE COMMUNITY, one very important thing that we should do is to establish WHO WE ARE and WHAT we could contribute to the ONLINE COMMUNITY. The main task here is for us to be able to show everyone, WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE CAN CONTRIBUTE in everybody else’s bottom line. In comparison to what we have learned in the OFFLINE industry, creating credibility and impression in the ONLINE COMMUNITY is very much different. This video suggests the helpful use of BLOGGING in establishing yourself.

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Coach Kiko
A businessman, network marketer, online marketer, mentor and inspirational online trainer. My advocacy on "untraditional" entrepreneurship and online marketing passion resulted to creating more than thousands of successful internet entrepreneurs and millionaires at this present time.


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