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Children spells LOVE as T-I-M-E





Ever wondered why our children sometimes seems to be “unloving”?

So many parents miss this out.  I should know,  because I had two grown up boys that I missed to guide because of my “lack of time” during my younger years as a teenage father.

I was a failure in the past in this area but I know its not yet too late for me to experience “Fatherhood.”  By the grace of our creator, I was given another chance of becoming a father at my ripe age of 40s.

Most parents thought that the way to raise up kids is by doing so much things pertaining to their future.  Work, business, and a lot of stuff kids do not even understand.  What we do not know is that our kids simply need us besides them.  Beside them when they run, beside them when they fall, beside them when they feel good, and beside them when they feel bad.

Believe me, no child has ever thanked God for a beautiful toy without his father. 

No child has ever thanked God for a wonderful party at an expensive hotel without his Dad. 

No child has ever thanked God enough for an award in school without his parents being present.

In short, for kids, the spelling of love is T-I-M-E.

The time we spend so hard earning money for them, is the same time they crave to enjoy the things we have been trying to provide them which they cannot appreciate without us.

If we cannot even find time to stroll with them, play with them, eat lunch with them, cry with them, laugh with them, do foolish childish things with them, then we have missed out the most important definition of love for them.  Love for them is spelled as T-I-M-E.

How they define love from what they experience from us, is most likely the same love they will show to their future family. 

That is scary. 

The same Dad who goes to work early in the morning and goes home very late at night from a drinking spree with his work comrades because of career politics will be replicated.  The same mom who goes home late from the pressured work and overtime to help the family make ends meet.  The child’s definition of love will only be based on how we “demonstrated” it to them.

Since this week is my children’s semestral break, I made sure to find time to spend with my daughter Airi in her exercise regimen and Aaron in his basketball training.

The feeling is so good to be able to connect to them.  In their arena.  In their level.  Me as a workout buddy and a playmate, not a scary and authoritative father who is always very ready to correct and discipline them each time they make a mistake.

This morning I had a great time playing basketball with my son.  It was great not because he was very good, it was great because I saw and discovered his areas for improvement.  He was so unhappy and had a lot of complaints about things making his game really, really lousy.

I then had a chance to coach him and explain to him “principles” that I know he will be needing as he grows up.  He was actually complaining about the sun and how it is making it hard for him to play properly.

I pointed out to him how most successful basketball players played under the heat of a 12noon sun (living in a tropical country, noon times here are really hot). 

I told him that no12194933_10205565258790697_5845611853297465845_o reason can go the way of someone who is so willing to learn and be the best in whatever he wants to achieve.  No sun, no rain, no nothing!

I also shared with him my teenage days when I was so involved with body building.  I would go home from work (got married at 19 yrs old) at 11pm and would go straight to the gym about 12midnight and be the only one working out upto about 1am.  While everyone is sleeping, I am doing what I love doing!

This is what I was talking about!  Fathers who are not around misses this chance of “being there” when they are hurt or when they feel bad about things.  Or simply they have incorrect information which can eventually hamper their potential to be the successful person they were designed to be.

I may not be a perfect father, but I sure know the right buttons to press that can create a difference in their lives.  I learned it thru time.  I learned it thru failures, pain and frustrations.  The good news is, we serve a God of 2nd chances.  He gave me another round to make up with things.  I am not going to mess this up again.

My friends, next time you think about LOVE for your children, think about the QUALITY of TIME you spent with them. 

Not only in their good times, but in their lousiest and craziest moments.

We will only pass this way once.  Our children will be children for a very fast few years of our lives.  Let us make sure we do not miss it…the effect is passed on to generation to generation.

Let us make sure we define it right!


Until my next blog…HAVE A BLESSED LIFE AHEAD!

Special Thanks to my daughter Airi for proofreading. She is really an awesome lady!


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Dwelling on the Negative Side

This morning I decided to experiment with myself.

Being a very positive and optimistic person, negative thoughts and negative words are a no-no for me.

For the purpose of understanding what is on the other side, I allowed all the negative thoughts, words, situations, limitations, weaknesses to dwell in my thoughts.  I did entertained them the same way I have observed some people are in the habit of doing so.

Started thinking negative about things that is happening in my life.  I started accepting the lack and the limitations.

Amazing how my body felt so heavy.  I felt so discouraged and a drag.  Every positive word which I use to declare seems gone.  I felt it!  I really felt the heaviness and the hopelessness.  I was just too  feeling, heavy and sleepy.  After lunch, went up to our rooftop and felt like I do not want to move.  I do not want to do anything else except accept that I am a failure.  A defeat.

I took a nap and truly felt it was the heaviest sleep I had.  It is the kind of sleep that you do not want to wake up. You know your awake but you do not want to move.  Why move? Why open your eyes? When all you think is defeat, failure, negative thoughts, hopelessness.

Started questioning God. Why? Why bring me here then leave me?

The lingering continued.  It was probably one of the longest afternoon that I stayed in the rooftop accomplishing nothing.  Except bringing myself deeper and deeper to the trap of defeat.

It was not a very good experience.  As a matter of fact, I lost all hope and faith.  

The next challenge I encountered is returning to the other side.  The side where I belong.  the positive, optimistic, faith-filled side.

To be honest, as I write, I am still dazed. I am not yet back.  The negative feeling is a nightmare.

Now I fully understand.

I understand why some people choose to end their lives.

I understand why some people decides to just sleep the whole day on their problems and waking up is a curse.

I understand why some people, how much you try to share faith building stories, faith-filled words and encouragement, seems to stay down after a few hours has passed.

Can I blame them?  Isn’t it in the bible “Doubting Thomas” was part of the team?  The disciple who said, I have to see his wounds and put my fingers in before I would believe (TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE).

I think there will always be that type of personality to keep everything balanced.

How can we appreciate faith if nobody is experiencing fear?

How can we appreciate optimism if there will be no pessimists?

The mystery of life continues for me.

As I write this blog my heart is still heavy from the bombardment of negativity I received earlier.

Recovery is not a walk in the park.  Now the more I understood this quote that I usually hear from the successful people who went ahead of us :

“a person with a negative mind cannot experience a positive life.”

I can now say, YES..that is correct.  When we dwell on the negative, we shut down every light around us.  Making our vision darker, more frightening and hopeless.  Then we cry out to God, WHY LORD…WHY???

The truth is, GOD gave us the power to choose what to think and what to digest in our thoughts.  It is not His fault that we decided to listen to the lies of the enemy.  We decided to continue to savour the weakness of the situation rather than His strength as our God.

Then we ask Him Why?

I hope and I pray now that we continue to fight to look at Him in the eyes. Jesus. The author and perfecter of faith.

Yes faith.  Its a 5 letter word that seems so scary for the “negative thinkers” but a fragrant sound to the “positive” ones.

FAITH IS BELIEVING that God will do what He said He will do.  BELIEVING without SEEING PROOF.

That is Faith.  It is truly what each believer needs to LIVE THIS LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

“And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.” Hebrews 11:6

Problems, challenges, pain, frustration, hurts, lack, will always be around.  On the other side, solutions, strength, happiness, joy, clarity, wisdom and abundance is also present in the same measure.

The decision will always be ours.  WHICH SIDE WOULD YOU CHOOSE?

Choose the negative and sleep all day, hoping that life will end and become very unproductive.

Choose the positive and have that smile in your face, that joyful aura and productivity flows in from different directions.


Me?  I CHOOSE FAITH. How about you?

As I end this blog…I am hoping my heart goes back 100% completely to the bright side. 🙂

May God bless you and please share this blog to your loved ones.

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LIFE IS A CHOICE – Finish it strong before it even starts :)

Life is a choice.  You can start it with a smile, or you can start it with a frown.  It all depends on you.

What you want your day to become depends on your decision in the morning.

How to put a smile on your face early in the morning?

Even before you open your eyes, decide.  Create your day in your thoughts.  If you think of the good things you want to happen, then decide to think about it. Picture it out.  Paint it in your thoughts.  Envision it.  Make it vivid.  Make it so real. Experience it without opening your eyes.  Finish your beautiful day before it even starts!  Then start thanking God for a beautiful day.

If you do this, you open your eyes with a smile on your face.

You start your day with praises on your lips.  Excited, ethusiastic, expectant and joyful!

Having that positive energy early on makes you like a magnet attracting all positive vibes, feelings and situations coming your way the whole day.

You become more sensitive and conscious with what you have declared early on while your eyes are still closed.

The smile continues, the positive energy flows, faith arises, God is pleased.

If we please God, He rewards us.  Something that most christians are not aware, God is a rewarder. We have known that God is Love, God is Faithful, God is just, God is merciful, but most believers are not aware of this amazing quality of God – a REWARDER. He rewards his children who TRUSTS HIM and BELIEVES in Him.

If we seek Him with all our hearts, He rewards us. If we show Him overwhelming Faith, He is pleased.

What do you think a HAPPY FATHER does to his children?

PUNISH? DISICPLINE? I choose to believe He REWARDS.

This is the very point of what I am writing about now.

Use our GOD-GIVEN AUTHORITY to CHOOSE to PLEASE GOD by Living LIFE in FAITH not in Fear.

When we decide to live a good day, we release our faith in Him and show Him how much we believe in His words and that He will do what He said He will do in our lives.

God never created us to hurt us.  As a matter of fact, He created us and gave everything we need to live and enjoy life. If you are not experiencing it, maybe you are not in tune to your purpose or you are not aware if His promises.

DECIDE my friend.  The decision is all yours. God gave us to power to decide. Use it or you lose it.  You are not a victim but a victor.




Finish your day in the morning, thank God about it and experience the day full of miracles.

Try it, I should know. 🙂 I am a product of this principle called FAITH.



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Yesterday morning when I went up our roof top I saw this beautiful butterfly resting in one of our circular window glass panes.

FullSizeRender 4

It was so beautiful that me and my daughter even had our “photography shots” with the butterfly.

Every once in a while, I would notice that it will fly and just continuously bump into the glass pane of the window.

I was not really thinking anything about it until I realized it was trying to go to the other side where you could see the trees and the flowers and greens.


I stayed almost the whole day in our roof deck working on something and I have seen the butterfly flying and bumping itself to the glass panel but of course it could not push thru.

Then it would rest again and try again every so often.

When I finally went down, passing by at its back I can visually see that the butterfly is tired.

Late in the afternoon, I went down and called it a day.

Early this morning when I went up again, the poor butterfly is dead.



Now, why am I sharing this?  Is this all about the butterfly dying?

Nope we can actually learn a very good lesson from here.  Another lesson that nature (God) teaches us from His own creations.

Most of the time, we are like these butterfly.

Let me illustrate clearly from this event what are the similarities.


1.  We have goals. – This butterfly clearly has a goal too, he wanted to go to the other side of the window where it is seeing the greens, the flowers or maybe his habitat.  He wants to go home.  He was trapped.

2.  We work hard. – We have heard that with HARD WORK comes prosperity.  Yes that could be right but its not limited to hardwork alone.  HARDWORK without the right direction is as dangerous as what this butterfly experienced.  He was working hard to hit the solid glass pane, over and over and over again.  At first I thought it was just flying and playing until I realized it was trying to get out.  It did everything it could do to get thru the solid glass.  His vision is so clear, the goal is upfront, its inviting. So inviting.  He did everything with all its might to hit the glass probably a hundred times or more.

Just like us, probably we have been working so hard on something from one failure to another.  It was said that quitters never win. So we decided not to quit. From one knockdown to another.  One crash to another. Never surrender is our battle cry!  Nothing wrong with that right? But we also have to consider that there might be other options to get to the goal.  I am not saying to quit on the goal, JUST FIND ANOTHER WAY.  That is one thing this poor butterfly failed to see.  He failed to look to its left.  Twelve inches to its left is open for it to freely fly out and go to the destination.

3. We fail to ask. – Sometime in our passionate pursuit to reach our goal, we are just too focused on hitting and hitting the glass that we failed to  pause and ask around.  This is exactly what the butterfly failed to do (well of course it can’t).  If only it did paused and looked around, it might have seen me watching him 2 meters away and could have asked me “HOW DO I GET OUT OF HERE?” then of course, I will gladly tell him…go to your left…just 12 inches to your left and your free to fly towards your goal!  I never did coz he never asked (just talking figurtatively here ok? :)) and i was actually observing the butterfly and checking how clever it could be.

In our life, God placed people all around us.  Most of the time we do not even notice them. Either by chance or by choice. People around us are placed by God for us to humbly ask.  They see things that we do not see.  You have to believe me on this.

Try this as an activity to prove my point.  Without the use of a mirror, try looking at the back of your head. Can you see it? Not in a lifetime.  Only the people behind us can see it.

This is a perfect example, that i hope you would agree, that we cannot see everything.  God placed people in our lives for us to ask them, what they see.  Surely they will tell us IF WE ASK.

But be ready in what they are going to say.  Do not be offended or be surprised.  We call it the “blind spot”.  It might feel bad or uncomfortable at first, or sometimes we might be in denial, but believe me, what they see is different from what we see so be ready to accept it.


Hurtful, devastating experiences or even death, can be prevented If only “WE LEARN TO BE HUMBLE and ASK SOMEBODY else for help.”  From this very simple illustration, I have seen how NOT ASKING can ruin a life.

Few days ago, I just had a coaching session with my spiritual family Pastor, Pastor Zab, and I told him how I value what he is doing to me.  Giving me feedbacks, advise and directions.  I never entertained even one thought to question what he is telling me.  I just take it, ponder on it., process it.

I believe that he sees something that i do not see.  That is the value of having a “real friend” in our life.  They may sometimes hurt you because they say things that go against what you think and feel but believe me, that is true friendship.

When they do not hold back and tell you what will hurt you.  Those are your true friends.

Let me share a scripture from the book of life to seal this wisdom we just received :

“Fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to others.”  Proverbs 12:15

This wisdom from the book of proverbs is so self explanatory.

Go friends…find a true friend, find a coach, find a mentor who will sincerely tell you what they see without holding back.  It can spare you a great deal of time and probably suffering.

God bless you and have a great life ahead!

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I saw this already. (What the successful people say)

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Who ever has promised you that you can be successful in a risk free 1-2-3 easy steps is lying. What ever happened to the stories of the most successful people like Michael Jordan, The Beatles, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison? I can name hundreds of names in this list and NO ONE OF THEM WILL TELL US THAT IT WAS Easy as Step 1, 2, and 3!

They are the ones who struggled and was strangled by failures upon failures and look at them now? They became the names of their chosen field.

Then someone you just met on the road or online entices you to partner with him coz he found the risk free 1-2-3 system that will make you a millionaire in 1 week or so! Whowhwow!

“Real Success” is a state of being, not what you have in your bank account or the cars in your garage or the houses we built.

So if we are dreaming to be successful, its a process we have to go thru to reach the STATE of completion. The process is not done in a few days or months or even years. If we refer to the lives of the most successful people on earth, they have given their whole life time for it. So if we are wondering why after 3 months or so doing our business, we are not successful yet then there might be something wrong with how we define success.

I have seen a lot of people who forced success ending with nothing but frustration and pain. There are some who became instant millionaires and people around them taught they became successful because of the fat money they earned only to find out that the person’s life got worse and ended bankrupt, in debt and broken relationships.

The instant millionaire even wished “the nightmare” of becoming rich too soon did not came. One very moving statement I heard once from a LOTTO MILLIONAIRE is this “the worst thing that ever happened to my life is winning the lotto”. Whaaaattttt??? Its a solid, big time, conflicting statement for me coz every-time I pass by our local lotto stations I see hopeful, faithful, lotto millionaires-wannabes spending precious money for the luck that lotto will save their lives! This lotto millionaire by the way lost everything he had including her wife and family due to gambling ang drug dependency. A situation that might not have happened if only he was not able to WIN THE LOTTO.

I do not want to sound negative to you but I wanted you to understand what is this success that all of us have been wanting to have.

Now I have a good news, I will give you my own steps 1-2-3. These are not easy steps but this are all proven and so WORTH IT.


In the Bible (which I called the MANUAL OF LIFE), God gave us this instruction in Deutoronomy 8:18

“Remember the LORD your God. He is the one who gives you power to be successful, in order to fulfill the covenant he confirmed to your ancestors with an oath.”

It is very clear, clearer than the bright sun, it is GOD WHO GIVES US THE ABILITY, THE POWER, TO BE SUCCESSFUL. If that is the case then it is so COMMON SENSE that if there is one thing we need to do if we decide that we wanted to be successful…IS TO GO AND GET CLOSE TO THE SOURCE! Makes sense? so your next question might be How? Where do I go? How do i connect to Him? I suggest you look for a local church which focuses on Honouring God and following the bible. Make sure you come to the right church who will be committed to direct you in your step 1 – connect to the source.


Once your connected to God, the source, you will begin to understand that indeed we were created for a purpose and that is His purpose not ours! Then we will understand that making money, creating wealth, is not really the purpose of our life. Our purpose is to fear God and obey His commands. Being rich and wealthy, if its in accordance to His purpose will be given generously! Focus on God’s purpose and He will supply us with everything we need and want! I have learned to realise this just recently. The times I am so focused on earning the millions and running after my personal ambitions, are the times it seems THE DREAM LIFE is just too slippery to catch. When I focused on God and His purpose for my life, I was just too surprised that the things, relationships and life I have been running after was PROVIDED without the STRESS and TROUBLES!


As written in the book of Matthew 5:16

In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.

Just like what I am doing now, once you get there, you too will understand that God is doing so much unexplainable things in our lives coz He wanted us to be His testimony for the next generations to come! I won’t be surprised that years from now I will be reading your own blog as well testifying how God had made you successful as well! You do not have to wait for the millions to come to do this. You can actually start now with the little miracles you experience everyday as you connect to Him. Big or little, it does not matter to Him. What matters to Him is we are living a life of testimony that indeed, HE EXISTS and HE IS FAITHFUL.

I hope you were able to pick up the idea in this blog.

There is no such thing as a “walk in the park” overnight success. It will take lots of pain, sacrifices and time for it to truly come in our lives. The 3 steps i shared are proven by myself and the others who got their share as well. That is why i am writing this so you can read too.

All honour and glory to our almighty God and Lord Jesus Christ for all the massive success He is providing us!

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“HOW DOES GOD ANSWER US?” A Conversation with an 8 year old boy

On our way to Aaron’s school, on a very ordinary day, I was telling him to KEEP PRAYING.  Pray as often as he wanted to, and was telling him that God is happy when we talk to him in prayers.  Then he threw one question to me that made me write this blog to share to everyone this very important wisdom.


The question left me with a pause. Uhmmm…then the answer flowed out spontaneously…and this is it.

God replies thru our THOUGHTS.  Not in our ears…its going to be scary when someone whispers in your ears though you are not beside someone. But if it happens, you hear a voice whisper in your ears without anyone beside you…be scared!  Definitely its not God! 🙂

Since He can only reply thru our thoughts…IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that we have DOWNLOADED  His WORDS in the memory bank of our brains. (I have to speak to him in words that he will easily understand.  Aaron is 8 YRS OLD, a techy boy and loves games and computers).  That is the only way we are sure that indeed it is Him we are talking to.  That is precisely why the BIBLE was called WORDS OF GOD because these are the very words He is saying. Since we pray to Him in our thoughts, He replies thru our thoughts as well.

So if we read the Bible, His words are downloaded and stored in our memory just like downloading files in the computer.  The more you read it, the more files you save inside. Once it is stored, HE TALKS TO US SO CLEARLY AS IF HE is just besides us.

Wow honestly, I myself was surprised and had that Aha! moments…that is why it is so important to read the bible coz it is the same words that we hear, and the only words we should hear when we talk to him on the spot!

I gave this story to Aaron,  for example son, your classmate dropped his money under his chair, you saw it then you asked God in prayer, “God will i tell him that he dropped his money and return it to him?” then your thought replied “Aaron, no need!, that money is my gift to you coz i love you.  Your classmate does not need that money anyway coz he is a rich kid.”  Then you will say, “Wow God! Thank you so much! You are so kind!

So Aaron, what do you think, is that God you are talking to in your thoughts? If He is God, then why is he telling you to do a wrong thing? Comparing it to what you have read in the bible, it is a sin to steal things that does not belong to you.  So if that thought is not from God…WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO???

That is exactly the point of this blog.  We cannot trust our thoughts if we do not know God that much, what He says and His nature.  That drives me to my point how important that we read and download His words very regularly because He can communicate to us thru His words only.  His replies in our thoughts will always be and should always be  CONSISTENT to His words.  That is how you confirm that indeed He is the one you are talking to.  If its going against his words, surely you are chatting with the GREAT DECEIVER!

Aaron was so excited to know this fact. He immediately set a bible study time for himself. He said he will cut down his playtime so he can read the bible longer and regularly. WOW!

I am just amazed how an 8 year old boy will have this kind of a craving to hear and talk to God!

Turning the spotlights to us, ADULTS…

Let us learn from this kids.  They know that if we do not download the game files in the memory of our gadgets, the game will not function properly.  The game operation is very dependent on the game files.  If you persist on playing the game without the files…you get this notice :


It is exactly parallel to how we should treat the WORDS of GOD.  If we want to talk to Him AUDIBLY, CLEARLY and SPONTANEOUSLY…common sense will tell us to DOWNLOAD His WORDS in our own personal memory bank so the communication will be fluid, clear and not choppy each time we decide to talk to him.

The lesson here is this “GOD COMMUNICATES TO US THRU HIS WORDS EMBEDDED IN OUR THOUGHTS”.  If the files are not downloaded and saved…SOMEBODY ELSE WILL UPLOAD HIS DECEIVING FILES…and you know who he is.  THE PRINCE OF LIES.

Let me leave you with this…

“All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17


Meet my son Aaron…


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This was my blog last December 2011…before EVERYTHING ELSE TURNED AROUND! Be Inspired!

LIFE 101: DEEP FOUNDATION, My 2011, the year to remember!

2011 I could say is one of the BEST YEAR for me.  I can never ever forget all the hard earned LESSONS I learned in this very meaningful year.  At the start of the year, like everybody would do, I asked God to bless me with a very successful year.  My FAITH was so STRONG, and as backed up by one whole CHURCH where I belong, 2011 will be the YEAR of God’s FAVOR!  I worked as hard as I could and released my faith on my goals.

As the initial months go by, my networking business got a bit tougher and tougher.  The network company I have been working on with, which I was pioneering, seemed went to a direction I never want it to go.  DOWN.  My income STRUGGLED big time. Thank God, another opportunity came.  I pioneered another very promising company and everything seems well on the first 3-4 months then just about after we launched it, challenges came in, from the operations side to the system which I personally has no control of.  Of course you know what happened…it slowed down BIG TIME.  Company needed to fix all the bugs in the system so they have to make a long and silent pause.  How about the bills? the house rent? the food on the table? the tuition fees? can they wait? can they accept my reason? You know the answer I am sure.

This is the time when, I just felt wow!  This is it…the YEAR OF GOD’S FAVOR!  Abundance! Success! Prosperity! and literally,  I would go home and eat rice and soy sauce…not one day..but lots of days.  Seeing the family experience the same…it just crushed my heart.  The PROVIDER not being able to PROVIDE, is like a CELLPHONE not being able to call or text.  What would you do with that phone?

Praise God!  another way out, God blessed me with a buy and sell business.  I bumped into an electronic gadget from China that I can distribute here in Cebu.  True enough, It was good!  Enough for me to pay  (some) debts I incurred during the struggling months.  A few more money left to buy a decent food ONCE IN A WHILE.  Business was continuous day in day out.  Month after month.  Started dreaming again…dreaming that this business will make it BIG.  Then one day, competition came in.  The bigger names got into the same product I have. Boom! sales went down like crazy in just a few days.  I had ordered a good number of stocks projecting its growth.  I struggled to sell it.  Every sale went directly to the bills, payables, daily expenses.  In short, I have to put it in sale and consume every money I have including the revolving capital.

The year was like a roller coaster ride!  we forgot about the old lifestyle we had.  We would go to the malls very, very rarely. We have not bought anything new.  Any appliance or equipments we have, if it gets broken, we have no money to have it repaired.  Everything was just changed.  I can go on and on and on telling you the details and probably you wont believe me.  WE HAVE LEARNED TO VALUE EVERY LITTLE THING and the SMALLEST DETAILS OF GOD’S BLESSINGS.  I have to say this specific lesson, coz I am heavily burdened to see SOME PEOPLE leaving food on their tables.  We NEVER had any left overs, ever since.  We learned to value even the last piece of rice.  If you see how we learned to eat the meat out of the bones, you’ll feel sorry for the dogs and cats.  ITS ALL CLEAN.  Why?  because we have learned how to have none.  We learned the value of .25 cents.  We learned the value of the last pair of shoes.  We learned the value of that last pair of torn jeans.  This valuable lesson is so expensive!  We have shied away from UNNECESSARY expenses.  Very rarely went to the mall, cinema, party night outs, outings, bought anything other than the BASICS.

But with all these UNBELIEVABLE events, I have to tell you this.  WE WERE JOYFUL!  and that made the extreme difference.  It totally convinced me that God is with us all throughout the ride!  Yes He did say that THIS YEAR is his Favor!  Everything we experienced, He showed favor upon favor.  All bills were paid, tuition fees are paid, house rent paid, we still have food on the table.  He never failed to provide the basics.

As I write this blog, I still have the bills all lined up.  We never had anything to eat this Christmas eve.  He provided the food thru our neighbors. Never even bought any gift to give to anyone.  We also learned BIG TIME the TRUE meaning of REAL CHRISTMAS.  Wow!  This year is a full COURSE!

He gave me another WONDERFUL ONLINE BUSINESS that is SOOOOOO PROMISING.  The BIG TIME PROGRAM was supposed to be launched Nov 28.  Just in time for Christmas and New Year.  Guess what?  IT GOT DELAYED. 🙂

But thru all this,  as I approach the END OF THE YEAR.  The YEAR that I released my FAITH that it is the YEAR of GOD’S FAVOR, this is the WISDOM that God want me to share to you…

When I prayed for the BEST YEAR EVER for 2011, He answered YES!  and He started the work on me.  He needed to make sure that the BLESSING will be APPRECIATED to the last drop.  HE WANTED TO MAKE SURE that the BLESSING will make me a better person.  So what He did, is to break me.  So the foundation will be very deep.  Just like a big establishment to be constructed, before even it is raised up, the deep foundation should be established.  The deeper the foundation, the stronger the ESTABLISHMENT. You don’t see anything rising up on the initial development, on the contrary, you see work going deeper and deeper.  You just see dirt, mud and nothing so pleasing.    

As I enter 2012, I CAN NEVER FORGET this VERY EXPENSIVE LESSON from God.  This is the time of my life when I FELT SO CLOSE to Him.  All the strength, smiles, joy and reason for living all came from Him during this CHALLENGING times.

As I end, I would like to share one bible verse that I held on, that always put a smile in my heart all througout this challenging 2011…

“Always be joyful.  Never stop praying.  Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”   1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


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BLESSING : God’s favour and protection. God’s gift.

CURSE : Something that inflicts harm or punishment on someone.

As I course thru Life and all its wonders, I got curious to take a closer look at this subject above, I AM BLESSED! or I AM CURSED!

It reminded me of one story that my dear Pastor shared to me, it goes something like this…

There was a man who was so active in church because of a certain prayer request. Even going to the point of going forward and asking the pastor to pray over him for this specific prayer request, that he would land a JOB. He was jobless for quite sometime and really is very important for him to have one specially in this economic crunch.

After months and months of praying and believing, finally he got a job!

Approached the pastor, Pastor! May trabaho na ako! (I already have a job!). They both prayed and thanked God for the answered prayer.

As days go by, the pastor noticed that the said christian is no longer active in church activities and would only attend on Sundays. In one occasion that the the pastor and the brother met ways he asked “why is it that you are no longer that active in our church?” the man replied “busy na kase pastor” (“i am already busy pastor“) then he left in a hurry.

As months go by, the pastor noticed he no longer sees him in church at all just as he was so faithfully active when he was jobless. Curious, the pastor intently visited him and asked what happened. His reply was, “I am so occupied and very busy now with my job and I don’t have time even to go to church coz they have assigned me to work even on Sundays.” Then the pastor reminded him, and asked him this disturbing question that was never replied.

“Isn’t it that it was God that gave you the JOB coz you were so faithful in PRAYER and asking for it?

“Yes Pastor” he replied.

“Now that you He granted you the job, why is it that it seems you have forgotten him?


The last question was not replied. There was total silence after that.

End of story.


Do we get the point? MOST OF US can be guilty of the story.

We faithfully and persistently prayed for success, prosperity, material things to come but when it comes…WE EASILY FORGET GOD. He becomes the LEAST PRIORITY because WE ARE BUSY.

The JOB entails too much responsibility!

The business needs 100% attention!

The car needs to be maintained and cleaned!

The house needs a lot of things to be done!

I have to go to HongKong to shop coz its SALE!

on and on and on…WE MIGHT BE TRAPPED AND FOCUSED ON THE BLESSINGS and forget all about the BLESSER.

Is God for us like a genie in bottle? After we get what we wanted, we cover it again put it in the storage box until we need something again.

Friends, I am writing this SO WE BE REMINDED AND WARNED. We could LOSE everything when we LOSE GOD…who was FAITHFUL in providing us what we need.

The good news is…HE IS PATIENT. This blog is not to condemn us but to REMIND us…

HE WANTS TO CELEBRATE THE VICTORY with US. Please let us not LEAVE HIM out on the back room after WE GOT WHAT WE WANTED.

I will close with these POWERFUL WORDS from God.


Deutoronomy 8:11

“But that is the time to be careful! Beware that in your plenty you DO NOT FORGET THE LORD YOUR GOD and disobey his commands, regulations, and decrees that I am giving you today.”


Deutoronomy 8:18

“REMEMBER the Lord your God. He is the one who gives you power to be successful, in order to fulfill the covenant he confirmed to your ancestors with an oath.”


Deutoronomy 8:19

“But I assure you of this: IF YOU EVER FORGET THE LORD YOUR GOD and follow other gods, worshiping and bowing down to them, you will certainly be destroyed.”


All these words I quoted ARE FROM GOD thru His BIBLE. I never INVENTED anything.

Hoping and praying this blog inspires and directs everyone of us in our pursuit to excellence and wealth.


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