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Children spells LOVE as T-I-M-E





Ever wondered why our children sometimes seems to be “unloving”?

So many parents miss this out.  I should know,  because I had two grown up boys that I missed to guide because of my “lack of time” during my younger years as a teenage father.

I was a failure in the past in this area but I know its not yet too late for me to experience “Fatherhood.”  By the grace of our creator, I was given another chance of becoming a father at my ripe age of 40s.

Most parents thought that the way to raise up kids is by doing so much things pertaining to their future.  Work, business, and a lot of stuff kids do not even understand.  What we do not know is that our kids simply need us besides them.  Beside them when they run, beside them when they fall, beside them when they feel good, and beside them when they feel bad.

Believe me, no child has ever thanked God for a beautiful toy without his father. 

No child has ever thanked God for a wonderful party at an expensive hotel without his Dad. 

No child has ever thanked God enough for an award in school without his parents being present.

In short, for kids, the spelling of love is T-I-M-E.

The time we spend so hard earning money for them, is the same time they crave to enjoy the things we have been trying to provide them which they cannot appreciate without us.

If we cannot even find time to stroll with them, play with them, eat lunch with them, cry with them, laugh with them, do foolish childish things with them, then we have missed out the most important definition of love for them.  Love for them is spelled as T-I-M-E.

How they define love from what they experience from us, is most likely the same love they will show to their future family. 

That is scary. 

The same Dad who goes to work early in the morning and goes home very late at night from a drinking spree with his work comrades because of career politics will be replicated.  The same mom who goes home late from the pressured work and overtime to help the family make ends meet.  The child’s definition of love will only be based on how we “demonstrated” it to them.

Since this week is my children’s semestral break, I made sure to find time to spend with my daughter Airi in her exercise regimen and Aaron in his basketball training.

The feeling is so good to be able to connect to them.  In their arena.  In their level.  Me as a workout buddy and a playmate, not a scary and authoritative father who is always very ready to correct and discipline them each time they make a mistake.

This morning I had a great time playing basketball with my son.  It was great not because he was very good, it was great because I saw and discovered his areas for improvement.  He was so unhappy and had a lot of complaints about things making his game really, really lousy.

I then had a chance to coach him and explain to him “principles” that I know he will be needing as he grows up.  He was actually complaining about the sun and how it is making it hard for him to play properly.

I pointed out to him how most successful basketball players played under the heat of a 12noon sun (living in a tropical country, noon times here are really hot). 

I told him that no12194933_10205565258790697_5845611853297465845_o reason can go the way of someone who is so willing to learn and be the best in whatever he wants to achieve.  No sun, no rain, no nothing!

I also shared with him my teenage days when I was so involved with body building.  I would go home from work (got married at 19 yrs old) at 11pm and would go straight to the gym about 12midnight and be the only one working out upto about 1am.  While everyone is sleeping, I am doing what I love doing!

This is what I was talking about!  Fathers who are not around misses this chance of “being there” when they are hurt or when they feel bad about things.  Or simply they have incorrect information which can eventually hamper their potential to be the successful person they were designed to be.

I may not be a perfect father, but I sure know the right buttons to press that can create a difference in their lives.  I learned it thru time.  I learned it thru failures, pain and frustrations.  The good news is, we serve a God of 2nd chances.  He gave me another round to make up with things.  I am not going to mess this up again.

My friends, next time you think about LOVE for your children, think about the QUALITY of TIME you spent with them. 

Not only in their good times, but in their lousiest and craziest moments.

We will only pass this way once.  Our children will be children for a very fast few years of our lives.  Let us make sure we do not miss it…the effect is passed on to generation to generation.

Let us make sure we define it right!


Until my next blog…HAVE A BLESSED LIFE AHEAD!

Special Thanks to my daughter Airi for proofreading. She is really an awesome lady!


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Please watch this 🙂


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Dwelling on the Negative Side

This morning I decided to experiment with myself.

Being a very positive and optimistic person, negative thoughts and negative words are a no-no for me.

For the purpose of understanding what is on the other side, I allowed all the negative thoughts, words, situations, limitations, weaknesses to dwell in my thoughts.  I did entertained them the same way I have observed some people are in the habit of doing so.

Started thinking negative about things that is happening in my life.  I started accepting the lack and the limitations.

Amazing how my body felt so heavy.  I felt so discouraged and a drag.  Every positive word which I use to declare seems gone.  I felt it!  I really felt the heaviness and the hopelessness.  I was just too  feeling, heavy and sleepy.  After lunch, went up to our rooftop and felt like I do not want to move.  I do not want to do anything else except accept that I am a failure.  A defeat.

I took a nap and truly felt it was the heaviest sleep I had.  It is the kind of sleep that you do not want to wake up. You know your awake but you do not want to move.  Why move? Why open your eyes? When all you think is defeat, failure, negative thoughts, hopelessness.

Started questioning God. Why? Why bring me here then leave me?

The lingering continued.  It was probably one of the longest afternoon that I stayed in the rooftop accomplishing nothing.  Except bringing myself deeper and deeper to the trap of defeat.

It was not a very good experience.  As a matter of fact, I lost all hope and faith.  

The next challenge I encountered is returning to the other side.  The side where I belong.  the positive, optimistic, faith-filled side.

To be honest, as I write, I am still dazed. I am not yet back.  The negative feeling is a nightmare.

Now I fully understand.

I understand why some people choose to end their lives.

I understand why some people decides to just sleep the whole day on their problems and waking up is a curse.

I understand why some people, how much you try to share faith building stories, faith-filled words and encouragement, seems to stay down after a few hours has passed.

Can I blame them?  Isn’t it in the bible “Doubting Thomas” was part of the team?  The disciple who said, I have to see his wounds and put my fingers in before I would believe (TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE).

I think there will always be that type of personality to keep everything balanced.

How can we appreciate faith if nobody is experiencing fear?

How can we appreciate optimism if there will be no pessimists?

The mystery of life continues for me.

As I write this blog my heart is still heavy from the bombardment of negativity I received earlier.

Recovery is not a walk in the park.  Now the more I understood this quote that I usually hear from the successful people who went ahead of us :

“a person with a negative mind cannot experience a positive life.”

I can now say, YES..that is correct.  When we dwell on the negative, we shut down every light around us.  Making our vision darker, more frightening and hopeless.  Then we cry out to God, WHY LORD…WHY???

The truth is, GOD gave us the power to choose what to think and what to digest in our thoughts.  It is not His fault that we decided to listen to the lies of the enemy.  We decided to continue to savour the weakness of the situation rather than His strength as our God.

Then we ask Him Why?

I hope and I pray now that we continue to fight to look at Him in the eyes. Jesus. The author and perfecter of faith.

Yes faith.  Its a 5 letter word that seems so scary for the “negative thinkers” but a fragrant sound to the “positive” ones.

FAITH IS BELIEVING that God will do what He said He will do.  BELIEVING without SEEING PROOF.

That is Faith.  It is truly what each believer needs to LIVE THIS LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

“And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.” Hebrews 11:6

Problems, challenges, pain, frustration, hurts, lack, will always be around.  On the other side, solutions, strength, happiness, joy, clarity, wisdom and abundance is also present in the same measure.

The decision will always be ours.  WHICH SIDE WOULD YOU CHOOSE?

Choose the negative and sleep all day, hoping that life will end and become very unproductive.

Choose the positive and have that smile in your face, that joyful aura and productivity flows in from different directions.


Me?  I CHOOSE FAITH. How about you?

As I end this blog…I am hoping my heart goes back 100% completely to the bright side. 🙂

May God bless you and please share this blog to your loved ones.

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LIFE IS A CHOICE – Finish it strong before it even starts :)

Life is a choice.  You can start it with a smile, or you can start it with a frown.  It all depends on you.

What you want your day to become depends on your decision in the morning.

How to put a smile on your face early in the morning?

Even before you open your eyes, decide.  Create your day in your thoughts.  If you think of the good things you want to happen, then decide to think about it. Picture it out.  Paint it in your thoughts.  Envision it.  Make it vivid.  Make it so real. Experience it without opening your eyes.  Finish your beautiful day before it even starts!  Then start thanking God for a beautiful day.

If you do this, you open your eyes with a smile on your face.

You start your day with praises on your lips.  Excited, ethusiastic, expectant and joyful!

Having that positive energy early on makes you like a magnet attracting all positive vibes, feelings and situations coming your way the whole day.

You become more sensitive and conscious with what you have declared early on while your eyes are still closed.

The smile continues, the positive energy flows, faith arises, God is pleased.

If we please God, He rewards us.  Something that most christians are not aware, God is a rewarder. We have known that God is Love, God is Faithful, God is just, God is merciful, but most believers are not aware of this amazing quality of God – a REWARDER. He rewards his children who TRUSTS HIM and BELIEVES in Him.

If we seek Him with all our hearts, He rewards us. If we show Him overwhelming Faith, He is pleased.

What do you think a HAPPY FATHER does to his children?

PUNISH? DISICPLINE? I choose to believe He REWARDS.

This is the very point of what I am writing about now.

Use our GOD-GIVEN AUTHORITY to CHOOSE to PLEASE GOD by Living LIFE in FAITH not in Fear.

When we decide to live a good day, we release our faith in Him and show Him how much we believe in His words and that He will do what He said He will do in our lives.

God never created us to hurt us.  As a matter of fact, He created us and gave everything we need to live and enjoy life. If you are not experiencing it, maybe you are not in tune to your purpose or you are not aware if His promises.

DECIDE my friend.  The decision is all yours. God gave us to power to decide. Use it or you lose it.  You are not a victim but a victor.




Finish your day in the morning, thank God about it and experience the day full of miracles.

Try it, I should know. 🙂 I am a product of this principle called FAITH.



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