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A businessman, network marketer, online marketer, mentor and inspirational online trainer. My advocacy on "untraditional" entrepreneurship and online marketing passion resulted to creating more than thousands of successful internet entrepreneurs and millionaires at this present time.

Point, Guide, Direct = LEVERAGING!

Now as we enter the 2nd half of YEAR 2012, I would like to share one technique I have learned from my mentors as well.

When I was growing up as a young NETWORKER, I remember somebody told me that our job is TO TEACH. He even told me that when somebody asks what we do, we do not answer, I am a networker. the answer he wants us to use is I am a TEACHER.

Nice…what do you mean TEACHER?

Well, I am sure you heard or read a lot of times that DUPLICATION is so important for us to achieve our goals in this industry. The only way for us to make sure that we are being duplicated is if we TEACH them correctly how to do it. DUPLICATION cannot happen without EDUCATING THEM FIRST.

In line with this, I would like to share POINT, GUIDE, DIRECT. I learned this lesson from my mentor ERIC WORRE.

If you have been part of my network, you should have noticed already that if someone asks me a question regarding our company, I answer with a DIRECTION. I usually answer with a LINK. Has anyone of you noticed it? That is part of this POINT, GUIDE, DIRECT technique.

For the duplication process to be deep, what you would want your downlines to learn is how easy it is to answer a question. Its as easy as copy paste! (control c, control v)…That is why, I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE to be a MASTER of their WEBSITES. Master of their LINKS and master of the sites to direct them too. ¬†Why? Coz you need to answer them when they ask? NO! Coz you need to be able to lead them fast to the answer! How can you lead them about the COMPANY PROFILE if you yourself do not know where to find it? When somebody ask about the COMPENSATION PLAN…easily forward a link that explains everything. What if, YOU HAVE NO IDEA IN THE WORLD AS WELL??? Ohhh what a disastrous situation. The sponsor, leading the new downline to a dead end.

I am sure your getting what I mean. I remember a situation. Read this…

MEMBER : When is the CONFERRENCE happening?

SPONSOR : Its in the site, check EVENTS

MEMBER : I heard about the GREAT PRODUCT we just launched, Can you tell me more about the INGREDIENTS?

SPONSOR : Its in the site, check PRODUCTS

MEMBER : ohhh and I heard they are improving the COMMISSIONS…HOw much did they add?

SPONSOR : Its there, check COMPENSATION.

Are you getting it? if this is not a DUPLICATION process BUSINESS, then this SPONSOR IS SO BAD! but HELLO, this is a DUPLICATION PROGRAM! sorry but in this program, we do not JUST PUT THE FISH in your MOUTHS…WE WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO FISH! Learning to FISH entails WORK!

So please, MASTER YOUR SITE! IMPROVE YOUR REFERENCES, this is the ONLY WAY TO GO if you want MASSIVE NUMBER OF PEOPLE UNDER YOU. If you teach everyone how to do it…then you should be RETIRING very soon!

So next time somebody asks you…remember this POINT, GUIDE, DIRECT.

It should be that easy. When people sees how easy it is…MASSIVE number of PEOPLE JOINS US! ūüôā

Keep rocking! SHARE TO EVERYONE PLEASE! Like in FB PLS ūüôā

Godbless and Have a HAPPY LIFE!

To our success!

Kiko Javier

This TIP was brought to you by Kiko Javier. ¬†To know more about me, please don’t fail to check “WHO IS KIKO” tab in the MENU ūüôā

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Kumita ka na ba??? MAG JOIN LANG ako pag kumita ka na…:) Familiar?

One of the most derailing question that NEWBIE NETWORKERS encounter that leaves them…most of the time…speechless…or mumbling to lie… ūüôā ¬†Please check my thoughts on it ūüôā

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One very, very sensitive WORD.  Please find time to watch and learn what are my thoughts in this.  VERY, VERY IMPORTANT.


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POWER PRINCIPLE : You REAP what you SOW! (Aanihin mo kung ano ang TINANIM mo)

Dear Friend,

In my 40 years of life, I FINALLY  understood  what this means.  I have been reading and hearing this ever since I was a child but I just cannot understand how this relates to life or just about anything I do.

Early this morning, I just felt so compelled to share with you about this principle.  This applies perfectly with our life and our online marketing business as well.

Everyone of us were entrusted with a field for us to plant. Every little thing we do is like a seed that we throw into our fields.  Yes EVERYTHING.  We may not notice it, but the truth is, what we throw on the ground, sprouts up.  If we have thrown the good seeds, we get good trees that bears good fruits.  On the contrary, if we planted bad seeds, it produces the unwanted results as well.

How will we know if its good seed or bad seed? Honestly, the law of the universe works so perfectly that we were equipped to know if its a good seed or a bad seed. ¬†Just close your eyes and take a deep breath. ¬†You’ll clearly see the answer.

Ok let us apply it to our online business, since one reason why your reading this blog is you want to know and learn about this so called SEEDS.

As a newbie in this online industry, it is so clear to me that the field ¬†in front of me is so huge and I needed to start somewhere. ¬†I cannot finish the planting season by just staring at the field. ¬†I NEED TO START MOVING! ¬†I bumped into one POWERFUL statement that I HELD ON…

“You do not have to be GREAT to start, you only need to START to be GREAT.”

With this practical statement, i decided to start my JOURNEY to this ONLINE MARKETING. ¬†With the INTERNET and all its VAST RESOURCES in front of me, plus a LIBRARY OF INFORMATION I got from SUPREME WEALTH LIBRARY…I started.

The job is simple. Just keep throwing the right activities in your field. Keep on. Keep on and keep on! ¬†What are the CORRECT ACTIVITIES? ¬†I’d know you’d ask. ¬†The good news is that so many plantations (online business) are successful already all around us. ¬†All we have to do is look around and have the PASSION to learn! ¬†LOOK AROUND! ¬†Obeserve. ¬†What are they doing? ¬†One thing i love is that the internet is so full with tips and instructions! ¬†We just have to get a little bit dirty and start digging and digging until we get the answers.

Every ACTIVITY we do REPRESENTS the SEEDS that we throw in our fields. ¬†Make sure we do not WASTE TIME. Stay away from UNPRODUCTIVE ACTIVITIES! ¬†Yes, not all SEEDS bears FRUIT BEARING TREES! ¬†Eventually, as we mature, we would easily pinpoint such seeds. ¬†These are¬†activities¬†that will just WASTE YOUR TIME! I am not trying to be boring here. ¬†You know these activities. ¬†It may give you temporary pleasure, but it wont bear good fruit in your land. ¬†Sooner or later you’ll realize, you just WASTED TIME.

So get out of the box.  See what others are doing.  Learn from everyone. HAVE THE GUTS to do it. ITS YOUR FIELD anyway!  EVERY FRUIT that it will PRODUCE is yours.  So it is OUR INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY. Nobody is to blame why it did not produce FRUIT BEARING TREE.  Ask yourself, did you planted THE RIGHT SEEDS?  Or you planted the wrong seeds that produced the DEAD TREES?

At the end of the day, whatever your field produces, you bring home to your family. Making your loved ones so happy and fulfilled.

Now let me ask YOU?

What SEEDS are you PLANTING?






Remember, every little seed counts! ¬†And once you throw it to your field…IT WILL GROW. ¬†Whether you like it or NOT. ¬†The not so good news is, YOU’LL ONLY KNOW if the FRUIT IS GOOD OR BAD…once the FRUIT ¬† ¬†is READY FOR HARVEST.

You bring it HOME then…give it to your family. ¬†When they take the first BITE. ¬†Will they smile and THANK YOU? ¬†ūüôā

Hope I make sense. ūüôā ¬†May the God of Good Harvest be with us all!


Kiko Javier

To know more about me and what I do, please check the page “WHO IS KIKO”


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In my 15 years of running after this amazing NETWORK MARKETING Industry, ONE VERY important lesson I learned on how to MAKE IT BIG in this industry is this word – DUPLICATION. Ever since my first company up to the nth COMPANY i joined, this WORD seems to echo in all four corners of each training room.

Everything I have learned was solidified by one of my favorite online mentors, Eric Worre, and this is his statement. “IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT WORKS, WHAT MATTERS MOST IS IF IT DUPLICATES” I have seen countless of networkers fail because they did not know this very important ingredient. They go out finding unlimited downlines by showing of the best gadgets in the latest technology for their presentations, , meeting new prospects in first class hotels, coffee shops, buying so much material possessions to project they are successful (sometime even its not). I am not saying its wrong, but let me ask, can EVERYBODY DO THAT? If not all can do it…then IT IS NOT DUPLICATABLE! And if it is not duplicatable, then expect that your networking career is doomed in a few weeks or months until you run out of money to fake it.

Leveraging entails people working for you not YOU working for your PEOPLE. If you do not duplicate yourself downwards then a time will come when you’ll be so burned out doing all the works for your downlines while they relax. Wow! what lucky downlines you have!So the key word here is DUPLICATION SYSTEM.

In creating a HUGE and long term NETWORK MARKETING career, there should be a system that you can easily make anyone plug in. Once they plug in, all they have to do is to share it to anyone without them EXPECTING and DEMANDING you to WORK for them. If you can do that, then a time will come when you can relax, and watch MONEY come in while your DUPLICATION SYSTEM WORKS for you. That is LEVERAGING at WORK.With the availability of the Internet working for us in this lucky generation, developing a DUPLICATABLE SYSTEM is no longer IMPOSSIBLE.

So each time you are doing something to increase and expand your organization, always ask yourself, can my downlines do what i am doing? If they cannot, then its not duplicatable. If its not duplicatable, then its your risk. Are you willing to do it for them continually? 1 year? 3 years? 10 years? Think about it.

Remember this : “It does not matter what works, it only MATTERS if it DUPLICATES!”

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EXODUS 101 : How do we establish “value” and “identity” ONLINE?

Now that we have DECIDED to explore the ONLINE COMMUNITY, one very important thing that we should do is to establish WHO WE ARE and WHAT we could contribute to the ONLINE COMMUNITY. The main task here is for us to be able to show everyone, WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE CAN CONTRIBUTE in everybody else’s bottom line. In comparison to what we have learned in the OFFLINE industry, creating credibility and impression in the ONLINE COMMUNITY is very much different. This video suggests the helpful use of BLOGGING in establishing yourself.

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I am sure we are all so excited to EXPLODE our NEW program to all our friends, loved ones, neighbors, facebook friends, twitter friends, country men, EVERYONE!

Before we even start, let me tell you what the REAL JOB of a NETWORK MARKETER is.

Our main JOB is to INFORM. Not to CONVINCE. I will repeat INFORM not to CONVINCE.

I have been a salesman since I was in grade school. As a salesman my job is to convince. Convincing takes a lot of skills to learn. A lot of tricks. Sometimes even “DIRTY TRICKS” to make someone hold a pen, sign a contract, pull out money then be in total amazement after I am gone. Asking themselves “what happened?” We call it SALES TALKS, TRICKS ETC.

That is the job of a SALESMAN. We are not SALESMEN in Network Marketing.

If you made a mistake of acting like a “SEASONED SALESMAN”, trying all the tricks, all efforts, using up all known resources to CONVINCE then they wont join, I will give you a few weeks then I wont be seeing you posting about your company again. I should know. I saw it in my 15+ years studying this industry.


When I was still an active salesman, I have this one statement that I learned and held on until today. “The difference between a good sale and a bad sale is timing”. I feel it could still apply today. Let us repharase it. “The difference between someone joining and someone not joining is TIMING.” Ok? The reason you are in network marketing now and the others are not, because the invitation came to you at a PERFECT TIME. It was never an accident. you were not FORCED. You just submitted to the call and decided to do it. Why? I do not now what your reason is. But surely, it came at a time when you were looking for something, and you bumped into this. Right?

So if the people you are sharing your program will not JOIN, DO NOT feel HURT! Its not your fault, its not his fault, its not President Aquino’s fault, not your plumbers fault…ITS NOBODY’S FAULT! Its just not yet time for him or her. Ok?

So from today onwards, INFORM as many PEOPLE AS YOU CAN. DO NOT CONVINCE. If they start asking you FOR SO MUCH QUESTIONS, THROWING YOU OUT OF BALANCE with so many doubtful and fearful questions, politely say. Ohhhh…excuse me. Need to go. I still have a lot to do. I will get back to you soon to answer those. Then go to the next person for your INFORMATION CAMPAIGN. Before you knew it, someone, who is so interested and so looking for a program like this, just 1 or 2 lines away in your list, suddenly says YES! I HAVE BEEN LOOKING for something like this! There it is! That is what I am talking about TIMING IS EVERYTHING!


Coach Kiko

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How do I convince?

This is one question that most NEW NETWORKERS or DIRECT MARKETERS ask me. How do I do it? How do I convince? I strongly feel that the answer lies on the depth of each individuals conviction. How do you convince has a direct relation to how convinced are you. So before even start to convince others, the first thing we have to do is face the mirror and talk to yourself about your product, service or opportunity. ¬†If you share this idea to yourself again, WILL YOU BE CONVINCED…AGAIN??? Have a wonderful day!

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